Bad Weather Driving Tips from a Towing Service in Greeley, CO

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Having to drive in rain, snow, hail or other inclement weather is every driver’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, waiting out a storm isn’t always feasible when you have places to go and people to see. Since we want you to always be safe out there, the team at your favorite towing service in Greeley, CO has put together this list of safe driving tips. Read on to ensure you’re prepared to be a safe and responsible driver in any storm:

  • Ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive: This one is a bit of a no-brainer. Before you ever get on the road, regardless of the weather outside, be sure that your tires are properly inflated and aren’t balding. Underinflated tires and tires lacking tread are harder to control and are a big hazard in poor conditions. You could soon find yourself sliding off the road in a nasty storm.
  • Slow down: In a perfect world, everyone would always observe the speed limit. Accidents would be much less frequent, and all of us would be safer on the road. Unfortunately, that’ll never be the case, and folks will always drive faster than they should. It’s essential that you drive slower than you would otherwise when you’re out and about in bad weather. Driving just a few miles per hour slower keeps everyone a bit safer.
  • Take turns slower than usual: Again, take that next turn more cautiously than you would on a sunny day. Your chance of sliding while turning or even rolling your car is much higher when the roads aren’t dry.
  • Keep your lights on: Even in the middle of the day, you should have your lights turned on when the weather is bad. Keeping those lights on allows you to see the road and helps ensure other cars can see you. Even if you think you can see well enough, you might as well keep the lights on just to be extra safe.
  • Give yourself plenty of distance: It takes longer to come to a stop when the roads are wet or icy, so make sure that you’re allowing plenty of distance between your vehicle and the cars in front of you. You never know when other drivers might suddenly slam on their brakes. Never tailgate any vehicles in front of you, and you’ll drastically lower your odds of getting in an accident.
  • Focus on the road: Obviously, you should always keep your eyes on the road, but this is especially important when the weather’s nasty! Let the other passengers in your car worry about fiddling with the radio, and never use your phone while driving.
  • Pull over if needed: We know you want to get to your destination efficiently and on time, but there’s no use in injuring yourself trying to get there! If the roads are too bad to drive, just pull over at a gas station, parking lot or rest stop and wait until the storm passes and the roads are safe to drive on again.

If your car is damaged or unable to be driven, be sure to call Superior Towing for help. We’re a reliable towing service in Greeley, CO that’s available 24/7 to get you and your vehicle out of all kinds of sticky situations.

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