A Short History of Modern Vehicle Recovery

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When you’re stranded on the side of the road, you may be glad there is roadside assistance and vehicle recovery in Greeley, CO. These specialized businesses can help you if you’ve stalled or experienced car problems or need your vehicle towed. The industry has evolved to incorporate special skills and equipment for everything from small cars in the city to large, loaded tractor trailers on back country roads. There are countless breakdowns and incidents requiring vehicle recovery each day, and the industry has experienced a long history of evolution to respond to these situations.

The beginning of vehicle recovery

Believe it or not, the original vehicle recovery system was horses. Unlike modern vehicles, a healthy horse doesn’t break down without warning. Horses were used to lift vehicles from ditches or tow them somewhere to be repaired, often at the blacksmith’s shop. It’s funny to think about the specialists in those days needing to be well versed in both equestrian science and mechanics for one job!

It’s no wonder that, shortly after vehicle recovery was deemed necessary, we found other methods of extracting wayward vehicles besides horses. This is when the towing service industry developed, often alongside the local gas stations. Robust trucks with chains and hooks adept at fastening to vehicles’ axles were developed to easily pull broken-down cars to the shop. It’s interesting to think that towing companies were around before cell phones because getting roadside assistance was much more of a hassle. Stranded drivers had to walk to the nearest town or phone booth in order to call a vehicle recovery service to come tow them to safety.

The evolution of towing

Modern vehicle recovery in Greeley, CO employs many different types of towing and recovery equipment to service broken-down vehicles. There are specialized towing trucks for stranded vehicles depending on their size, condition, and location. Now, towing employs hydraulics and advanced engineering instead of simpler tow chains or rigid tow bars that used to keep the vehicle at a safe distance behind the recovery vehicle. The chain and hook system lifted the front end of the vehicle and pulled it along the rear wheels, which was not as secure as today’s towing trucks. Today, rollback trucks tilt and drag stranded vehicles onto the truck bed, then tilt forward to horizontal for easy transportation. There are some recovery vehicles today that employ the use of winches and chains, which are used to lift very damaged vehicles onto a flatbed carrier when necessary. This is especially useful when towing large, overturned vehicles and trailers that need to be pulled upright.

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