Almost Out of Gas? Here’s How to Make It to the Next Gas Station

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Everyone who has been on a long road trip knows the feeling of anxiety that comes when you’re running on your last gallon and there’s no gas station in sight. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention and suddenly your gas light comes on, or maybe you know you’re almost to your destination and were trying to avoid stopping. Did you know there are actually some things you can do to help your gas stretch a few extra miles? Keep reading to find out how to make that last gallon get you to the next gas station so you won’t have to call for roadside assistance in Greeley, CO:

  • Start looking: The moment your gas light comes on, you need to start looking for a gas station. The gas light typically comes on when you have about 30 to 50 miles left in the gas tank. While this may seem like plenty, if you’re on a long stretch of highway without gas stations, it may not be as much gas as you think. If you haven’t seen a sign in a while, you might consider pulling over and looking up the nearest gas station on your phone—even if the nearest station is behind you or a little out of your way. It’s much better to backtrack and lose a little time than run out of gas and lose a lot of time.
  • Roll up the windows: If your windows are down, rolling them up may help you save gas. When you’re moving at high speeds, the wind resistance is better with the windows rolled up. Rolling the windows down reduces the aerodynamics of your vehicle, creating drag. However, if you’re moving at less than highway speeds, it probably won’t make much of a difference.
  • Turn off the AC: One thing that is sure to make the miles stretch a little longer is turning off the AC—and we’re not just talking about making them feel longer. The air conditioner and heater can reduce the fuel economy of your car by 25 percent, which can make or break you getting to the gas station before you run out of gas when you’re down to the wire. Just think about it this way: if you do run out of gas, you’ll be sitting in the heat waiting for roadside assistance in Greeley, CO anyway. You might as well do what you can while you still can.
  • Conserving power: If you can, try to avoid road conditions that create even more resistance and require more power and gas. These include driving uphill and stopping and starting often. Accelerating uses gas more than coasting, so keep at an even pace and try taking downhill routes to the gas station.

If you do run out of gas, don’t panic. Move your car to the side of the road by coasting onto the shoulder, and put your hazard lights on. Then, call for roadside assistance in Greeley, CO. If you’re stranded, Superior Towing can provide rapid roadside assistance, towing and more. Don’t panic if you’re stranded—call us today!

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