What Is the Difference Between a Private Tow and a Municipal Tow?

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It happens to everyone: whether you got caught up during your shopping trip and overstayed your welcome or whether you’ve accidentally parked somewhere that you weren’t supposed to, having your vehicle towed is a costly and frustrating error. If you’ve recently had your vehicle towed away, you may be confused as to how you can best reclaim your vehicle in a prompt and efficient manner. Knowing the difference between a private tow and a municipal tow can help you get your car back quickly and with the lowest possible cost.

If you have any questions about why your vehicle was towed, how you can retrieve a towed vehicle or how to have an unauthorized vehicle removed from your own property, consult with a professional towing service in Greeley, CO. They can help you determine the best way to proceed with your towing-related query.

Municipal towing

When a governmental agency orders your vehicle towed or directly tows your vehicle, this is called a municipal tow. This occurs when you’re parked incorrectly on a public roadway or government-owned parking area. Municipal tows may be ordered or executed by a police department, city parking enforcement department, federal or state park rangers and more.

If you suspect that you’ve been towed by a municipal agency, it’s usually fairly easy to begin the process of reclaiming your vehicle. Calling for the assistance of your local police department is typically the best place to start. Chances are, your vehicle is being held in a city-owned impound lot. Some municipalities, however, may contract with private towing companies for their towing needs, and they may rely on privately owned impound lots to hold towed vehicles.

Be sure to ask which agency executed or ordered the towing of your vehicle; you may need to receive clearance from that agency prior to picking up your car. Failure to do so could result in a wasted trip to the impound lot and may even incur extra fees.

Private towing

Private towing, meanwhile, occurs when a private landowner calls for a towing service in Greeley, CO, to remove an unauthorized vehicle from private property. It’s important to realize that many spaces people traditionally think of as public are actually privately owned, including shopping center parking lots and hospital parking areas.

If your car was towed by a private landowner, there’s a chance that they have signs posted with the number of their towing service in Greeley, CO, posted around the parking area. Calling this number can confirm that your car was indeed towed and not stolen; additionally, the representative can help you proceed with the steps necessary to pick up and reclaim your vehicle.

Superior Towing is a premier towing service in Greeley, CO. We work with local landowners to ensure that their customers and residents have access to their parking facilities. We’re proud to provide each of our clients with the tools and expertise necessary to keep their parking areas free from unauthorized vehicles. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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