Avoiding Damage While Working with a Towing Service in Greeley, CO

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Most people call a towing company when their vehicle has been damaged in an accident or has broken down and can’t be driven. However, many people incorrectly assume that additional damage can’t occur during the towing process. Many drivers have experienced the unfortunate situation where they discover their car was damaged even more by a reckless or inexperienced towing company.

If you call a towing service in Greeley, CO, you’ll want to make sure your car arrives at the auto shop with the same damage it left the scene of the accident with and nothing more. It’s always advised to take photos of your vehicle before the towing company moves it so you can prove that new damage occurred during the trip.

Aside from selecting an experienced towing service to handle your vehicle with care, there are a few things you should remember to do before your car is towed to ensure no additional damage is done:

  • Release the emergency brake: Leaving your emergency brake engaged is a sure-fire way to damage your vehicle while it’s being towed. Normal towing involves having two wheels on the street. Leaving the emergency brake on prevents the car from being towed properly in this way, and could severely damage your tires unless the towing service uses a flatbed.
  • Put the car in neutral: If your car is being towed with the two driving wheels on the street, the best gear to have it in is neutral, so the wheels can turn freely. Leaving the car in park may be okay for some vehicles, but some automatic cars might have their transmission locks broken if left in park. The best way to know what gear to leave your car in during towing is to talk to your towing professional.
  • Roll up your windows: It’s always a good idea to roll your windows up before your car is towed to prevent the interior from being damaged. Unpredictable weather can soak your seats, while dust and debris have the potential to get into your car on the road and dirty the inside. Plus, keeping your windows rolled up helps prevent theft by people around the auto shop your car is eventually dropped off at.
  • Choose a reliable and professional towing company: Some towing companies just aren’t as experienced or professional as others and may treat your car poorly, resulting in damage. You’ll want to make sure that you’re leaving your car in capable hands. Ask your friends and family if they’ve worked with a quality towing service before, and put the company’s number in your phone so you’re prepared. Or, check online reviews of your desired company to make sure the towing service does its job well.

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