Tips to Help Truck Drivers Stay Awake

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If you’re driving along the highway and see a semi truck being towed by a wrecker service in Greeley, CO, you’ll know something bad has probably happened. One of the most common accident-causing problems truck drivers face is the inability to stay awake on the road.

When driving hundreds of miles each day, it’s understandable that you’ll feel tired and might accidently doze off behind the wheel. Staying awake and alert is absolutely critical to prevent accidents, injury and even death on the road.

If you’re getting ready for your next long-haul delivery, use these tips to help you stay awake and prevent accidents:

  • Caffeine: If your energy is feeling low, grab a cup of coffee for an instant jolt of caffeine. As a stimulant, caffeine will help you feel more awake for a little while. Just remember that caffeine will cause a crash after a while, so you’ll either need to get another cup or take a break to rest.
  • Turn up the radio: The soft hum of your truck and the sound of wind around your vehicle can act like white noise on long drives, lulling you to sleep. If you’re feeling tired, turn on the radio and jam out to some of your favorite songs. And don’t be afraid to sing! Moving your mouth and thinking about the lyrics can help stimulate your brain and help you stay alert.
  • Eat a healthy meal: Filling up on healthy food before and during your drive can give you the vitamins and minerals you need to stay awake on a long drive, such as vitamin B and vitamin C. Unhealthy foods like candy and fatty snacks make you feel bloated, full and sleepy, while healthy foods give you the right kind of energy that will last.
  • Open the window: When you settle into a comfortable position in your truck cab and the heat makes you warm and toasty, it’s hard to not want to close your eyes and take a quick, cozy snooze. Instead, roll down your window and let a cool breeze jolt you awake.
  • Stay hydrated: Drinking water is necessary all the time, but especially when you’re driving for long periods. Dehydration can make you fatigued, which can lead to falling asleep behind the wheel. If you’re drinking caffeine, especially, make sure to follow up with a few cups of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Munch on snacks: Chomping on snacks like sunflower seeds or chewing gum while you drive keeps your mouth moving and can help you stay alert. Another good idea is to pack healthy snacks like whole wheat crackers or fruit, so you get healthy vitamins while munching on the road.
  • Take a break: If all else fails and you just can’t stay awake, don’t keep driving to push through! Stop at the nearest rest stop and get up and walk around. A short walk can help you feel more energized. If that doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to take a quick 20-minute nap to help you feel refreshed and keep everyone on the road safe.

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