Create an Easy Emergency Kit for Your Car

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Car emergencies happen all the time. You never think it will happen to you, but when it does, it’s extremely important to be prepared. If you get a flat tire, run out of gas or get stuck, you could be waiting on the side of the road for hours until someone can come help. During this time, you’ll need to rely on the supplies in your vehicle to keep you safe and comfortable.

Putting together an emergency kit for your car or truck is a great way to make sure you’re prepared when faced with a breakdown. In some cases, the things in your car can help you get yourself back on the road quickly. In others, they can help you stay safe while you wait for roadside assistance in Greeley, CO.

When packing your car emergency kit, make sure to include many of these items, as well as any other essential items that make sense for your family and the climate you live in. Keep everything in a watertight, clear plastic tub in your trunk for easy access.

Basic survival items

Make sure to pack items that will help you stay alive if you get stuck for long periods of time. Bottled water is a necessity, as are packs of non-perishable snacks. Also consider packing a refillable bottle of water and water purifying tablets.

You’ll also want to pack a change of clothes and extra gloves, hats and a sweater in case you get cold. Hypothermia is a real danger in Colorado winters, so bring a blanket and a tarp for warmth and shelter, just in case.

Roadside safety items

If you’re stopped on the side of the road, it’s important that you remain safe, especially if other cars are passing. Make sure you’re equipped with a first aid kit that has Band-aids, antibiotic ointment, Ace bandages, gauze pads and aspirin.

Also pack a reflective vest and flares in case you plan to be outside of your vehicle while you’re stuck. This will create light and improve your visibility for other drivers and reduce your chances of getting hit.

A flashlight is also useful for situations where you’re stuck in the dark, especially so you don’t have to drain your car battery.

Finally, consider adding a small car fire extinguisher to your emergency kit. Truck drivers, in particular, may find this item useful in the event that the vehicle overheats and a fire needs to be put out in the car.

Car mechanic items

Sometimes, you won’t have to wait for roadside assistance in Greeley, CO to get back on the road. If your battery dies or you get a flat, you can fix these problems yourself, as long as you’re prepared.

Always have jumper cables on hand so you can get your car a boost if a kind stranger stops. Additionally, make sure your car has a working spare tire and a car jack to help you change it.

Gloves, a multipurpose tool, a small wrench and zip ties are other useful items to keep on hand in case something mechanical happens to your car and you need to do a quick fix.

Other items

Extra items are not always necessary, but can be extremely helpful in particular roadside emergencies. In Colorado, snow and ice are a given in the winter, so keeping an ice scraper in your car is a good way to quickly clear off your windshield.

A spare car charger for your cell phone can help ensure you’ll always have a working battery so you can call for help. Keep this charger in the car at all times.

Finally, duct tape is extremely useful in almost every situation because of its versatility. You can get pretty creative with duct tape in a pinch, so keep a full roll ready alongside your kit.

One last thing…

In addition to all the items mentioned above, there’s one last thing you should have on hand in case of a roadside emergency: the phone number for a reliable provider of roadside assistance in Greeley, CO. You won’t be able to be prepared for every emergency, and in those situations, you’ll want to rely on someone else to help.

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