Towing Myths Debunked

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It seems every industry is filled with myths about its operations, equipment and employees. Towing is no different. Many people hold misconceptions about wrecker service in Greeley, CO. These false beliefs can cause property damage and dangerous situations when people fail to use equipment properly. To avoid mishaps with your towing, use the following myth-busting guide.

Myth: If I need to tow a trailer, any type of towing extension will work.

Truth: It is always necessary to determine the proper tongue weight capacity of an extension. The tongue weight is the force the that trailer’s tongue places on the hitch of the tow vehicle. Different extensions offer different force capacities. Using the wrong extension can result in disaster. Always check limits to avoid dangerous situations.

Myth: Tongue weight is one tenth of the weight that my vehicle is towing.

Truth: A good tongue weight is between 9 and 15 percent of the gross trailer weight. Many variables affect this weight, including the trailer axle position and the load distribution.

Myth: It doesn’t matter how I load my trailer, as long as I fasten it securely to the hitch.

Truth: The load distribution greatly affects the tongue weight and trailer movement. Too little tongue weight results in trailer sways at greater speeds. On the contrary, loads piled at the front of the trailer can result in too much tongue weight. Good weight distribution places 1/3 of the weight onto the trailer axles, 1/3 onto the tow vehicle’s rear axle and 1/3 onto the tow vehicle’s front axle.

Myth: GAWR and GVWR are interchangeable terms.

Truth: For safe towing, it is important to know the difference between the various acronyms of the trade. GAWR is the gross axle weight rating. This is the maximum weight you can place on one axle. Never exceed this rating. GVWR is the gross vehicle weight rating. This is the maximum limit for your vehicle or trailer. It includes passengers and loads. It should also never be exceeded.

Myth: If I add suspension products to my vehicle, I can boost my load capacity.

Truth: Suspension upgrades designed for towing do not increase your vehicle’s maximum capacity rating. These are set by the manufacturer and should not be exceeded.

Myth: I don’t need to worry about trailer bearing maintenance.

Truth: Properly maintaining your trailer bearings is essential. These must be inspected, cleaned and repacked with grease each year. Because they are left out in the elements, they can eventually rust. If they fail, your trailer will break down. Keep them well lubricated and cleaned to prevent unnecessary wear and tear and unfortunate incidents on your next trip.

Get the Truth

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