Common Causes of Truck Rollovers

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Because of the sheer size of semi trucks, any kind of accident involving one of these vehicles can be catastrophic. As a result of instability, excessive speeds or interference from other vehicles, some semi trucks experience rollovers and require emergency roadside assistance in Greeley, CO. Because of the factors that usually contribute to truck rollovers, these events typically take place on highways and other roads with a high-speed limit. Although truck rollovers can’t be eliminated or prevented entirely, there are certainly some precautionary measures that drivers can take to decrease the likelihood of a rollover occurring:

  • High speeds: Truck drivers are often encouraged to increase the efficiency of their routes, and some drivers choose to exceed the legal speed limit in order to get to their destination faster. Unfortunately, speeding is one of the primary causes of semi truck rollovers, since high speeds can increase the turn speed differential between your front and back wheels.
  • Steering errors: During a lane change, merge or other traffic change, overcorrection can lead to a rollover. Without maintaining complete control of your truck’s steering, you may cause a loss of balance, which makes rollovers more likely. The best way to avoid this is to allow plenty of space between you and other drivers, especially during lane changes or turns.
  • Distractions and drowsiness: Drowsiness at the wheel can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. When you become excessively tired, your brain begins to shut down and becomes less aware of its surroundings. Even dozing off for just an instant can lead to a tragic crash. You should make sure to take all of your breaks on time and stop driving when your shift ends. Allow yourself plenty of time to rest so you’re refreshed and ready to hit the road again once you wake up. It’s also important to eliminate any distractions that might pull your eyes from the road, like cell phones and other electronic devices.
  • Instability through turns: You’ve probably seen signs on the highway that indicate hazardous turns for semi trucks, and that signage is there for good reason. Semi trucks are so large and heavy that they are very susceptible to rollovers if the weight of the load is shifted too far to one side. Turns should be approached with extreme caution to avoid tipping over.

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