Pull Over or Keep Driving? Reasons to Pull Off the Road Immediately

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At one point or another, most drivers have experienced a sudden change in how their car operates while driving. This can be scary—you may not understand what’s wrong with your car, you may be on a busy highway and you may need to get to your destination quickly. In these situations, drivers must make a choice: pull over or continue driving?

Sometimes the choice to continue driving is the smartest one. Other times, certain indicators make it clear the driver should pull over, investigate the problem and call for roadside assistance in Greeley, CO for their own safety. In order to determine whether you should pull over or continue driving, pay close attention to the signs your car is giving you. If you notice these things, pull over as soon as you can safely do so:

  • Check engine light: The check engine light in your vehicle is often one of the first signs your car will give you to indicate something is wrong. The problem may be simple, like tightening your gas cap, but it also may be something very serious. It’s best that you pull over and investigate the problem when this light appears.
  • Oil or temperature lights: Similarly, the appearance of your oil pressure or temperature lights can indicate a serious problem with your vehicle. A loss of oil pressure or your engine overheating can cause costly damage to your engine components. If either of these lights appears, pull over immediately and call for emergency roadside assistance.
  • Steam or smoke: If you notice steam or smoke emerging from under the hood of your vehicle, you should pull over right away. Not only do steam and smoke impair your visibility, but they usually indicate something is very wrong. Steam is typically indicative of a cooling system issue, which can result in overheating. Smoke, meanwhile, is usually caused by a fire in the engine.
  • Flames: Similarly, if you see any signs of flames coming from your vehicle, pull over as soon as possible and get a safe distance away from your car before calling 911. Vehicle components are highly flammable, and it’s possible that your car will combust.
  • Change in handling: If you’re driving and suddenly notice that your car is wobbling or pulling in a particular direction, you should pull to the side of the road. Changes in handling can be extremely dangerous for you and other drivers, so you should get off the road. It may be fixed by changing a blown tire, but you may need to call for roadside assistance or emergency towing in Greeley, CO.
  • Loud noises: If you hear a loud bang or boom come from within or near your vehicle while driving, it may be nothing, but you should pull over just to be safe. Check out your engine to make sure nothing major is wrong before continuing to drive.

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