Motorcycle Towing Tips That Keep Everyone Safe

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Towing a motorcycle is much different that hitching up a car, truck or SUV and pulling away from the curb. You’re dealing with a completely different center of gravity, much less weight and an entirely different system for securing the bike for haulage. Needless to say, it takes some careful consideration.

Whether you’re hauling your bike away from the side of the road or hitching it to the back of your truck for transport to a new destination, paying close attention to how it’s secured is important. Take care to ensure you fully understand motorcycle towing in Greeley, CO before you hit the road. The safety of you, your bike and other motorists depends on it.

Pre-Transport Tips

There are more than a few variables to consider before you ever even get behind the wheel. Let’s take a look at some of the simplest safety tips to keep in mind pre-transport:

Trailer type

Choose the type of trailer you’re going to use carefully. Some options include flatbeds, two-wheel trailers and cradle towing. Each can be used to transport a motorcycle safely, depending on the vehicle being used to haul it. For example, a flatbed might be better for a truck since it has higher towing capacity, while cradle towing might be fine for SUVs or campers.


Always stabilize a trailer before loading a motorcycle onto it, to prevent movement. For ramp loading, be sure to use the correct ramp size for loading, to prevent accidental tipping. Finally, make sure your bike is completely secure after loading and that all safety mechanisms are checked and re-checked.

For this step, ratchet straps and soft loops are must-haves. They’ll secure your motorcycle cleanly and have exceptional stabilizing power. Soft loop each handlebar and both sides of the back frame, then ratchet strap them securely in place.

Trailer hookups

Before you hit the road, hook up and test your trailer’s electrical system. Test brake lights and turn signals, to ensure drivers behind you know exactly what your intentions are. If your trailer has its own braking system, be sure to check that as well.

Safety on the Road

Driving with a motorcycle in tow means being very aware of turning, changing lanes and stopping. A good rule of thumb is to slow things down altogether—don’t speed, signal your turns and lane changes early and take corners at a lower, smoother speed.

Remember that your bike is lighter than whatever vehicle you’re towing it in and has a higher center of gravity, which means tipping is a concern. Your pre-transport loading should have secured the bike in place, but it’s never a bad idea to keep an eye on its upright status over longer journeys.

Finally, make sure your mirrors are adjusted and you can see the bike clearly, as well as the road around and behind it. This will ensure you’re aware of other drivers.

Transport Your Bike Safely

Whether you’re taking it into the shop or across the country, proper motorcycle towing in Greeley, CO will keep your bike safe and sound throughout transport. You’ll be able to take to the roads knowing you, your bike and other motorists around you are completely safe at all times.

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