When to Call a Towing Company

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When your car breaks down, you don’t want to spend time trying to research towing companies in Greeley, CO on your phone. At this point, you’re already in such a vulnerable position that you don’t necessarily have time to do your due diligence and might very well end up paying too much for a tow.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, you’re really much better off finding a towing company long before you need one. Consider it a part of being prepared for all possibilities. With that in mind, here are some options for making sure you have a towing company before you’re in an emergency situation.

If you have premium insurance

Almost everyone will need a tow at some point. The good news is that, if you have premium insurance, you’re likely covered for roadside assistance and towing if something happens to your car. If you do have towing services included in your insurance, it’s important that you know the towing companies your insurance works with before you have an issue. Call your insurance company or visit their website, and research the towing companies they work with and get an idea of the company that seems most reputable and experienced. If you don’t know ahead of time which towing company to use, you leave yourself susceptible to getting ripped off, or getting bad service.

Comparing AAA and roadside assistance

If you only have liability insurance, you need to enroll in AAA or another roadside assistance program. These programs are very affordable––usually costing somewhere between $6 and $13 a month, a pittance when you consider the hundreds of dollars a tow truck can set you back. And these programs offer far more than just towing services. If your insurance doesn’t offer roadside assistance, there’s no reason not to sign up for a roadside assistance service. It’s good sense, and will absolutely save you money in the long run.

If you break down and didn’t figure out your towing company ahead of time…

If you’re broken down, give you insurance’s emergency line a call (even if you don’t have towing services as part of your insurance) and ask them about affordable tow trucks in the area. Your insurance company is a trusted provider of this type of information. Make sure that you get a solid price from your towing company before you let them hook you up and tow you off so you are not hit with additional charges. Also, make sure you know exactly where you’re headed before you’re towed away. Ideally you want them to tow you home or to a garage, but if you don’t confirm this first, they may tow you to their own yard, and then charge you with storage fees. Watch out for this.

Don’t wait to call a towing company until your car breaks down

As with any service, you’re going to be happier receiving a tow from a company you know and have a relationship with. Don’t wait until you break down to call a towing company—call now. Feel out different companies to get an idea of their quality and trustworthiness. This way if, heaven forbid, you do have an unforeseen breakdown, your tow driver will be a comfort and not an additional cause for stress.

If you’re looking for a tow company you can trust, call us at Superior Towing, one of the most reputable towing companies in Greeley, CO. We understand our customers are often in their most stressed-out and vulnerable states, and we do everything we can to make a bad situation better for them. We’re trusted by individuals and insurance companies all across Greeley because we do things the right way.

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  • Deb Pearl says:

    My friend recently got into a car accident and she didn’t know what to do and wasn’t prepared. It is hard to be prepared for anything like that, but I wanted to try and look up some information so I can kind of know what to do in that situation. That is great to know that you can call your insurance company and see if they have any tow trucks in the area. That is a great option in case I can’t find a towing company I would like to use. Thanks for the tips!

  • Thanks for your comment about how you should already be looking for a towing company before you actually need it. I like how you said that it’s good to know you have hired a trustworthy cone before you actually have an emergency. My sister is considering looking into towing services in the event of an accident.

  • I do agree, almost everyone will need a tow at some point. It’s just a matter of being prepared for such occasions. I’ll be sure to have a tow number ready. Thanks for the helpful article!

  • Steele Honda says:

    I appreciate your advice to get a solid price from a towing company before I let them hook me up and tow you off so I am not hit with additional charges. My brother has just bought a very old vehicle, and I am pretty sure he will break down very soon. I believe he will appreciate this piece of advice then!

  • Thanks for going over some situations when you should get a towing company. I’m glad that you mentioned near the end that you should call the company before you need them, so that you can learn more about their business and the kind of services they offer. Not only that, but it seems like doing this can save a lot of time in the future because you’ll know exactly who you should call in the case of an emergency.

  • Sam Solo says:

    It’s nice to know that premium insurance generally covers roadside services like towing. I seem to get in an accident once every 5 years, and I would love to have a towing company there just in case I need them. I’ll have to consider your towing tips in the future.

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