A Day in the Life of a Tow Truck Driver

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When you think of a towing service in Greeley, CO, you likely immediately picture a tow truck hauling your vehicle off after an accident or a breakdown, or removing your car from an illegal parking spot. However, there are many more duties involved with towing than people expect, including operating complex machinery and doing lots of paperwork.

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what a tow truck driver does on a typical day, we have the answers for you! Here is some insight into the many daily duties of a tow truck driver.

In the office

Despite the assumption that tow truck drivers spend all day on the road moving vehicles, they actually spend a good amount of time in the office filing paperwork. Some towing services work with other companies to remove illegally parked cars. In this case, they have to file a report before even leaving the office to collect the vehicle.

After they return from impounding a vehicle, tow truck drivers have to locate the vehicle’s owner and contact them to give them information about how to retrieve their car. This involves a good deal of clerical work.

On the road

This is the most obvious part of towing, and the part that citizens see every day. Tow truck drivers get called to haul an illegally parked car or to pick up a car that has broken down or been in an accident.

Once called, the drivers must drive to the vehicle and operate the complex system of mechanisms and gears that help haul heavy cars to impound or salvage lots. This part of the job is dangerous; tow truck drivers risk their safety by being on the side of the road assisting drivers.

If called to the scene of an accident, tow truck drivers also help as a cleanup crew, clearing the road of debris to make sure traffic can flow smoothly and safely after a collision.

We don’t just haul

One of the biggest misconceptions about towing services is that tow truck drivers only serve to pick up and move vehicles, a job that requires very little skill. The truth is that tow truck drivers are also skilled mechanics who can help you solve problems with your car, such as a flat tire, torn belt or fluid leak.

Operating the tow truck itself also requires a certain level of skill; if done incorrectly, hauling a car can have disastrous consequences for your car and other people’s safety on the road. Towing requires great care and attention to move vehicles away in a safe manner.

More than meets the eye

As you can see, towing services require more work than simply driving and picking up vehicles from the side of the road. Tow truck drivers have one goal: to get your vehicle away from traffic safely so you can get back on the road.

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