Retrieving Your Car After Towing and Impounding

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It can happen to anyone. Parking in the wrong spot or forgetting to feed a meter may result in your car being towed. When you discover the towing in Greeley, CO, your first instinct is to get your car back. Retrieving your car involves proving you are the owner and paying towing expenses, storage fees and even fines. Here is what you need to bring when you come to remove your car from the lot:

  • Vehicle registration: If you have not done so already, now is a good time to make a copy of your registration and keep it in a file—just in case you have this unfortunate experience. Being able to confirm ownership with even a copy of the registration makes the retrieval process quicker. If you do not have a copy of the registration, bring the title or let the impound operator know the registration is in your car. Sometimes, they are willing to let you retrieve it or get it for you. It is not impossible to verify ownership without vehicle registration, but it will take longer to process release.
  • Proof of insurance: The operators at the lot do not know why you were towed. They just know it was likely due to a violation, so they will investigate everything. Insurance is one of the important considerations. Proof of insurance shows you carry insurance but also helps verify vehicle ownership. Many companies provide electronic insurance cards that you can keep on your smart phone. This often proves convenient when your car gets towed.
  • Driver’s license: This shows your identity and that you are licensed to drive. If you are retrieving a car that was impounded because you left your license at home, this will remove doubts and perhaps reverse fines. However, if you were driving without a license or with a suspended license, you will not be allowed to take your car unless two licensed drivers are with you at the time of pickup.
  • Cash, money order or cards: You will have to pay the cost of the tow. Personal checks are not accepted, but if you have cash, a money order or a credit or debit card, that will work. If you know which lot your car is located in, call first and ask how much you owe them so you are prepared. It could be more if it took you longer to track down your car or if you need to pick up your car after hours.

Time is of the essence with a towed vehicle because the longer your car sits, the more you pay for storage. Normally, if you collect your car within 24 hours, there are no storage fees. Every lot is different, though, which is why you need to call ahead, especially if you need to pick up cash.

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