How We Handle Non-Standard Towing Service in Greeley, CO

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Superior Towing is prepared for anything. When you call us for towing service, you do not have to worry about whether we have the equipment needed to tow your vehicle. In addition to regular towing involving cars and SUVs, we also offer non-standard towing service in Greeley, CO. You can call us whether you experience problems with your commuter or your RV. Here is how we handle non-standard towing jobs:

  • Motorcycles: The best way to tow a motorcycle is on a flatbed. Since they are small and fragile compared to other vehicles on the road, towing them any other way risks substantial damage. This is reassuring to motorcycle owners, since they value their bikes highly. We are very experienced in handling motorcycles, and will load yours carefully and drop it off with the same care at its repair destination.
  • Semi trucks: There is only one way to tow a semi truck, and that is with a very big tow truck! We maintain trucks that can handle the weight of semis and, in some cases, even pull them up if they fall into a ditch or face any other sticky situation. Tow trucks must be specifically equipped for semis because there are times when we take both the cab and the trailer. Sometimes the trailer is detached so the shipping company can send another truck to continue the route. This is one job that requires constant communication in addition to the right equipment.
  • RVs: Nothing causes panic in drivers like a broken-down RV. This is disruptive to their vacations, and sometimes they worry that no one will have the ability to get their RV to a repair facility. We are prepared for this project! Just as with semi trucks, you need a specially equipped tow truck to get an RV where it needs to go for repairs. This also requires special handling, since a large tow truck with an RV attached is a very long vehicle that will not stop or maneuver in the usual manner. It may take us a while to get you where your RV can be repaired, but at least you will get there safely!
  • Boats: If you just purchased a boat and need it moved to mooring, we will use a flatbed trailer with special security measures. Boats are not shaped the same as cars, and we do not want to risk it tipping over while we are on the highway. If you are towing your boat and your tow vehicle breaks down, there are two ways we might handle it. First, we will put the tow vehicle on a flatbed and hitch the boat and trailer to that truck. Otherwise, we will use a heavier-duty tow truck and tow your truck and trailer at the same time. This often depends on the size of your tow vehicle and the equipment we have available.

If you need towing service in Greeley, CO for any type of vehicle, call Superior Towing. Just let us know what you need towed, and we will be ready for you!

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