What to Expect from Towing in Greeley, CO

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If you park your vehicle in a handicapped spot, or in front of a fire hydrant, don’t be surprised if you walk outside and can’t find your car—it’s probably been towed! Folks who are common parking offenders probably already know everything about towing in Greeley, CO. However, those who haven’t had their vehicle towed before can probably learn a few things from reading ahead.

Why was your car towed?

There are several reasons why property owners (or even the police) may call towing services to haul cars off to the impound lot. Below are just a few of the reasons why your car may be towed:

  • Illegal parking: As mentioned above, if you’ve decided to park your car in a handicapped spot, a fire hydrant zone or any other area that’s marked “no parking,” you can count on walking outside to find an empty spot.
  • Obstructing a road or walkway: If you park in front of an entrance to a business or driveway, your car will probably get towed if a police officer or parking official happens to walk past it. Make sure your vehicle is never impeding anyone else’s ability to get somewhere.
  • Expired registration: Hopefully you know that your car needs to have up-to-date registration tags on the license plate at all times. If a police officer ever sees your car parked alongside the road with expired registration, he or she is most likely going to call a company for towing in Greeley, CO.

Obviously, there may be other reasons for your car to be towed—this list is not exhaustive! In the event that your vehicle has been towed, an official should be able to give you an exact reason why.

What happens after your car’s been towed?

Once the initial shock of finding out that your car is gone has passed, your next step is finding out where it was towed. Check the area around where you parked for any signage that states the name and phone number of the impound lot that takes cars parked illegally. If there are no signs, it can’t hurt to ask the nearest business if they know where your car could be. Next, give the impound lot a call and cross your fingers that they have it on file. Unfortunately, it can take a few hours for some impound lots to get your car’s paperwork ready, so you could be waiting around for a while without a car.

What should you bring to the impound lot?

While you’re on the phone with the impound lot, be sure to ask what you need to bring to get your car back. The biggest thing impound lots care about is money, so make sure you have enough of it. Each lot is different, but you should expect to pay over $100 to receive your car. Some lots take credit or debit cards and checks, while others only accept cash. The lot also wants to make sure that they’re giving the car back to its true owner, so you’ll need proof that the car is yours. Impound lots usually need your driver’s license, proof of insurance and your VIN. Ask if your insurance provider can fax over your VIN and proof of insurance. This could make the process easier on you.

Hopefully you’ll never walk outside to an empty parking spot where your car used to be. But if that’s the case, follow the directions above and you should have your car back in no time. For more information about vehicle towing in Greeley, CO, contact the experts at Superior Towing.

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