Five Ways to Avoid the Need for Car Towing in Greeley, CO

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Flat tires, slide-offs and car accidents are a few of the many reasons people call us for car towing in Greeley, CO. These incidents are unexpected and often anavoidable. However, we get hundreds of calls each year from people who need car towing for reasons that could be avoided completely if they would have taken better care of their vehicle. Here are a few reasons we get calls that could have been prevented with a little attention and care:

  • Keep an eye on your gas gauge: Some people have a major fear of running out of gas while out on the road. Luckily, most folks have cell phones, so they can either call a friend for help, or call a towing service to haul their car to the closest gas station. It’s good practice to keep your gas tank at least half full at all times to ensure your gas gauge doesn’t read “E” when you’re far from civilization.
  • Monitor your tires: Hitting a big pothole or running over a sharp object are both likely to cause flat tires immediately. If that’s the case, you’ll need to call a service for car towing in Greeley, CO. Often times, however, there are cases in which folks have needed a lift because their tires are simply too old. Slow leaks are common in older tires, and blowouts are more common if tires are really worn and haven’t been replaced in a while. Check your tire pressure on a regular basis to make sure they’re properly inflated before you hit the road. You also need to keep an eye on their tread. Take your vehicle into a mechanic if you think the tread is wearing thin and the tires need replacement.
  • Pay attention to your car’s noises: Strange knocks and rumblings coming from under the hood of your car are nothing to turn a deaf ear to. Troubling noises like these can be the sign of big problems that need attention from a professional mechanic. Choosing to ignore these warning signs will eventually result in a breakdown. Just pray that breakdown doesn’t happen when you’re out in the middle of nowhere!
  • Heed the dashboard: Warning lights on your vehicle’s dashboard were put there for a reason: to warn you of problems! Red and yellow illuminated lights on your dashboard can only mean trouble. Things like low oil or gas level are easy to fix. But other engine problems could require a trip to a mechanic. Take care of those lights before your car has a breakdown on the side of the road.
  • Drive carefully: As mentioned above, slide-offs and accidents happen. The best thing you can do to avoid them is to drive carefully at all times. Pay attention to your surroundings, and always obey the speed limit.

If you ever happen to experience car failure on the road, don’t hesitate to give Superior Towing a call for immediate car towing in Greeley, CO. We’re available 24/7 to provide the help you need.

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