Compare the Cost of a $50 Tow to the Cost of a DUI in Colorado

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The actual cost of a DUI extends far beyond the fine resulting from getting picked up by the police for driving while intoxicated. There’s obviously the initial monetary setback, but you’ll be paying for your DUI in various ways for years to come. Instead of driving drunk, call towing companies in Greeley, CO to bring your car home from a bar or party for about $50. Here are just a few of the costs associated with getting a DUI in Colorado:

  • Bail: After you’ve been picked up by the cops for drinking and driving, they’re going to haul you down to the county or city jail immediately. You’ll be sitting downtown for a long time while you sober up and think about the mistake you made. Once you’re sober enough to leave, you can expect to pony up a few hundred dollars for bail.
  • Defense attorney: Once you’ve been released from jail, you’ll need to hire an attorney to represent you throughout the impeding court proceedings. It will cost you at least $1,000 for a good lawyer.
  • Court fees: Spending time in a courtroom isn’t free. Expect to pay about $250 in sentencing fees.
  • Loss of license: After you’ve received a DUI, you’ll most likely lose your driver’s license for a period of time. If that’s the case, you’ll have to find other modes of transportation to get from point A to point B. Relying on public transportation can be a hassle, and asking friends to drive you around will get on their nerves after a while.
  • Cost of license reinstatement: After several months of being on driving probation, you’ll be able get your license reinstated. Unfortunately, getting it back isn’t cheap. It can cost up to $100 to get a new license after it’s been suspended.
  • Higher insurance premiums: Insurance companies don’t like dealing with people who have DUIs. If you can manage to find a company that’ll insure you, you can expect to pay a few thousand dollars more per year than someone who has a clean record.
  • Loss of job opportunities: Many employers require potential (or current) employees to have a clean record. If you receive a DUI, you can almost count on not being hired for the job you’ve applied for. If you’re already working, hopefully your employer will give you another opportunity to keep your job if you have a DUI on your permanent record.
  • Feeling of shame and remorse: A DUI doesn’t just hurt you in physical or financial ways. DUIs can also hurt your sense of self-worth and damage your reputation. Being labeled as someone with a DUI on their record is a feeling that nobody wants to go through. You’ll be seen as an irresponsible person, and as someone who can be a danger to yourself and others around you. Personal relationships with your loved ones can crumble around you after you’ve received a DUI. Avoid this by calling towing companies in Greeley, CO after a night of drinking.

Next time you find yourself intoxicated and need to get home, don’t risk getting a DUI! Call Superior Towing to have your vehicle towed from the bar back to your house.

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