Five Tips for Safe Winter Driving to Avoid Needing Emergency Towing in Greeley, CO

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With the cold winter weather comes driving conditions that are less than desirable. Unlike the rest of the year that may bring only rain, winter brings rain and a whole lot more—like snow, ice and strong winds. But there are things you can do to ensure your safety should you have to be out on the roads during snowy days or icy nights. Let’s take look at five tips for safe winter driving to help you avoid needing emergency towing in Greeley, CO:

  • Remove snow and ice on your vehicle: You may think that driving around with two feet of snow riding on top of your car is no problem, but it’s really quite dangerous. It can fall off onto the vehicle driving behind you, or fall forward, blocking your view out the front window. Brush snow off your parked vehicle and scrape ice from all windows before driving away.
  • Check all windshield wipers: As a part of car maintenance, the pros recommend you install new windshield wipers at least every six months, even if you haven’t use them at all. This is because the rubber blades can rip apart from heavy use during the rainy season and deteriorate in the hot summer sun. And since using wipers in winter differs from other times of the year, make sure you scrape icy windows to keep wipers from breaking and put them back in the rest position to keep them from freezing to the glass. Always switch them off before turning off the ignition.
  • Slow down: Driving on snow or ice-covered roads can cause slippery conditions for your moving vehicle. These elements are the reason why your tires may lose their grip on the pavement, which can affect your ability to remain in complete control of your vehicle. Normal actions like taking corners, braking and accelerating can quickly turn hazardous, since out of control slipping and sliding is a possibility. To avoid collisions or needing emergency towing in Greeley, CO, reduce your speed so you have more time to react should things go wrong.
  • Don’t rely on your AWD: Although you might have fixed all-wheel drive, or think that kicking your vehicle into four-wheel drive makes for a safer drive in snow or over ice, all it’s doing is helping you with extra tire traction when accelerating. Don’t let driving a 4WD or an AWD give you a false sense of security this winter.
  • Schedule regular maintenance: Before winter gets a chance to pack a big punch, schedule an appointment with your mechanic to inspect your vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out. Doing so will ensure that your tires are in good condition, all fluids are topped off and electrical components are working properly.

Although you may heed all the winter road warnings and practice safe driving, that doesn’t mean you’re immune to accidents or vehicle breakdowns. Take your time getting from point A to point B, but if you end up finding yourself in need of emergency towing in Greeley, CO, don’t hesitate to give the team at Superior Towing a call.

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