Reasons a Towing Service in Greeley, CO May Be Necessary

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There are a number of reasons you might need to call for a tow, and not all of them include being broken down on the side of the road with a blown tire or an empty gas tank. Sure, the majority of our work at Superior Towing has to do with straight tows, but there are many other services we provide that you may not have considered. From recovering a vehicle from a precarious position to heavy truck hauling, we’ve got the tools and experience to help.

With that in mind, here are a few other scenarios in which a towing service in Greeley, CO can help you.

Vehicle recovery

Most of us have had the gut-wrenching experience of forgetting to put on the parking brake. Just as we are stepping out the door, we’re overcome by the sudden need to lunge back in and pull the break as the car rolls forward a few inches. But sometimes, we are not fast enough and the car or truck that should have stayed put rolls away. Whether it rolls down a muddy embankment or into a lake, our expert towing service in Greeley, CO can help you get it back.

Our wreckers have the strength and agility to pull vehicles of all sizes out of precarious spots. Accidents happen, and it’s our job to help you get back to normal afterward.

Rollover accidents

Whether you’re driving a car, truck or tractor-trailer, rollover accidents are just one of the many hazards of driving on the roads today. A simple overcorrection, or swerving to miss an animal or another vehicle, can easily result in a rollover accident. Righting overturned vehicles takes skill, knowhow and a whole lot of caution—we pride ourselves on all three.

Often times, our wreckers will have to use multiple cables and winches, at several attachment points, to get the vehicle or trailer upright. While nothing is impossible, it isn’t a job you want to trust to just any old towing service. If done incorrectly, this process can be downright dangerous.

Flatbed hauling

Most of us have drooled over a beautiful classic car or motorcycle in a “for sale” post only to come across the fateful words “vehicle does not start or run.” While for most people those words are enough to discourage interest and make them want to look elsewhere, maybe you’re the sort who knows you can get it running if only you can just get it to your garage.

Luckily for you, we offer standard flatbed towing, too! With one phone call, the vehicle you are dreaming of can be safely towed to your house or shop, where you can get started immediately with the restoration process. No more wishing it ran, and no more looking for the unicorn you have always wanted!

With millions of cars on the road each day, it’s no wonder that tow truck companies are thriving and their workers gainfully employed. If you need to call for a towing service in Greeley, CO, we hope that you will trust Superior Towing to help you out—we’ll get to your vehicle’s location quickly!

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