Avoid Needing Semi Truck Towing in Greeley, CO: Five Common Causes of Truck Accidents and Breakdowns

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Cars, pickup trucks and SUVs are not the only types of vehicles that may need a tow every so often—giant, heavy-duty cargo trucks do, too. The best thing you can do as a truck driver to avoid needing semi truck towing in Greeley, CO is to take the necessary steps to safeguard yourself and your rig against danger. With that in mind, here are five common causes of truck accidents and breakdowns:

  • Driver fatigue: Truck accidents caused by tired and fatigued truck drivers are not unheard of, which is not surprising since the simple act of being behind the wheel for hours on end is tiring in itself. Commercial truck drivers log many driving hours over hundreds to thousands of miles each week. To prevent being involved in accidents that may render rigs inoperable, drivers need to get enough quality sleep and make the call to pull over and rest if they begin experiencing fatigue.
  • Improper truck maintenance: The trucking company that people are going to hire to haul their cargo is the one with a nearly impeccable record. From brake and engine inspections to ensuring all lights work and checking that the wheels are secure, proper truck maintenance is a huge part of being a reputable and reliable company. But too many documented at-fault accidents and breakdowns that end in rigs getting carted away by a tow truck could negatively affect business.
  • Equipment failure: In this case, we’re referring to truck-involved accidents due to factors out of a driver’s control coupled with equipment failure—namely, the weather, conditions of the road and changes in traffic patterns that call for evasive actions, such as sudden braking or the need to swerve around another vehicle or object in the road. Semi truck towing in Greeley, CO may be called upon should brakes fail, sending an out of control transportation truck crashing onto its side. Semi truck trailers are long, which means lane blockage until a tow arrives to clear the scene.
  • Unsafe driving: Speeding and making unsafe driving maneuvers while operating a semi truck can put everyone on the road at risk. If anything, semi trucks should drive under the posted speed limit, but going with the flow of traffic can also prevent collisions and going off the road. Statistically, once a multi wheel, trailer pulling semi truck travels off the paved road, it will get stuck in the dirt, mud or grass and will require a tow.
  • Unfamiliar roads: Surprises are great for birthdays, be not so welcome when someone is navigating a 40-ton commercial semi truck down an unfamiliar road. All sorts of driving challenges can pop up—like sharp curves, narrow lanes, rough surfaces or long-term road closures—that were not realized ahead of time. Even the most experienced truck driver is not immune to surprise road challenges.

If you’re in a big pickle and need to resolve issues with your broken-down rig right away, contact the tow experts at Superior Towing any day, any time for quick semi truck towing in Greeley, CO.

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