Staying Safe While You Wait for Emergency Roadside Assistance in Greeley, CO

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It’s unfortunate when your vehicle abruptly decides it’s not going to function properly anymore. From tire blowouts caused by road debris, to engine stalling due to mechanical trouble, to issues of an electrical nature, there’s no telling what could go wrong when. But, one thing can be certain when it comes to on-road auto troubles: they always occur that the most inopportune times.

If and when auto troubles befall you, your first concern is likely going to be getting them resolved. This is usually best accomplished by calling for emergency roadside assistance in Greeley, CO. But, while you’re waiting for roadside assistance, it’s also tremendously important to think about your own safety—something many people tend to overlook in the frustration of the moment.

It’s not always enough just to stay inside your vehicle while you wait. The fact of the matter is, any number of troubles could befall you while you’re waiting patiently, depending on the time of day it is or where your vehicle is currently sitting. To prevent unforeseen issues from exacerbating the situation and to ensure your total safety while you wait for emergency roadside assistance in Greeley, CO, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Stay put in your vehicle with the doors locked if you’re in an unfamiliar place or somewhere that’s relatively uninhabited.
  • If you’re on the side of the road, put on your hazard lights. This is important especially in areas where there are bends and curves in the road, or at night where your vehicle might be hard to spot.
  • Call someone and let them know where you are or what the situation is. If anything happens to you, this establishes a timeline.
  • If you’re not comfortable waiting in your vehicle alone with the doors locked and you’re somewhere with businesses or populated areas, lock your vehicle and quickly get to one of these places. Grocery stores, department stores and other popular businesses are a great place to wait if you’re uncomfortable waiting alone.
  • If you feel unsafe of threatened by anything while you’re waiting in your car, call the local police station and have them send an officer to wait with you. Inform them of your situation and location and wait for a uniformed officer to identify themselves.
  • If weather is a factor, make sure you have the appropriate gear in your vehicle to stay safe. For example, in the winter, having a blanket on hand is smart, while in the summer, bottled water can truly be a lifesaver.

In many cases, dealing with an automotive breakdown is more frustrating than anything else, but sometimes, your safety can be threatened. Follow the tips above to make sure you’re always safe and sound while you’re waiting for help to arrive.

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