Five Ways You Can Help a Towing Service in Greeley, CO

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When your vehicle breaks down or experiences trouble on the road, you call a towing company in Greeley, CO with the expectation that they can send someone out to help you. But did you know that you can also help a towing company help you? That’s right, there are some specific things you can do right off the bat to help expedite the service you’re about to receive from a towing company.

Take a look at five things you can do the next time you and your vehicle are sidelined and why taking the time to do these things will ultimately lead to a more seamless roadside or towing experience:

  1. Give a precise location: One of the first things a towing company is going to ask you is where you are. This is easy if you’re someplace quickly navigable—like at the intersection of two clearly labeled streets. If you’re not, however, make sure you’re giving as thorough of a description as possible. For example: “I’m on Route 1, travelling north and the last exit I passed was exit 5B—I’m between that and exit 6A.” The more accurate you are, the faster a tow professional is going to be able to find you! If you have GPS on your phone, don’t be afraid to use it!
  2. Describe your problem: Tell a towing service in Greeley, CO exactly what has you sidelined. Describe the problem as accurately and as thoroughly as you can, so they know what they’re walking into and so they can bring the appropriate gear and resources to solve the problem!
  3. Explain your need: When a towing professional arrives on site, explain to them what you need clearly. For example, if you have a spare tire in your trunk, but you don’t know how to change it, as them to do this. A towing professional is going to assess the situation based on what they know—if they’re not sure you have a spare tire or the resources to get back on the road safely, they’re going to assume you need a tow, when this might not be the case.
  4. Make your destination clear: Many towing companies will tow you away to the location of your choosing, however if you don’t make this clear upfront, you might end up at a
    partner auto body shop of that towing company. Make your destination clear when the need for towing arises and things will go smoothly when your vehicle is all hooked up and ready to be towed.
  5. Don’t mess with your vehicle: Unless you have a depth of automotive experience yourself or are completely confident in your ability to try and repair a roadside issue, it’s best not to try before you call a towing service in Greeley, CO. Your misguided efforts could make things worse and actually make it harder for a service to deliver roadside repairs. Ultimately, it’s best to wait for someone who knows what they’re doing, rather than make an existing problem bigger.

If you ever find yourself sidelined with automotive issues, give the above items good thought before you put in a call to a towing service. Chances are, they’ll make your experience easier and your choice of towing provider will thank you!

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