Customer Reviews

January 8, 2022

"I'm so grateful for such a magnificent service. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. Called 3 days ago to schedule a service where my car would be lifted on a tow truck and placed in a container for international shipping. Stetson was so awesome, he made everything look a piece of cake. Brilliant work! THANK YOU Stetson! And thank you Melissa for coordinating everything so seamlessly. You're a pro!"
December 29, 2021

"Steve was excellent and if i ever need you folks again I hope I get him!!!"
October 5, 2021

"Absolutely wonderful experience. Steve did an amazing job was super fast getting to my car took good care in keeping my body mods safe and had no worries about my car. Absolutely wonderful in kindness towards me and my wife and felt like family talked cars with me and gave me some helpful information. Couldn’t ask for a better day on a bad day!!! Thanks Steve!!!"
September 26, 2021

"I was stuck in a lake. They did everything possible to get me out. They got a truck stuck and had to bring out 2 bigger tow trucks to get me and the other truck unstuck. When payment came around. They only charged me for pulling me out. Very fair price. All the guys were very nice. They could have charged me way more. Definitely a trust worthy tow company."
September 23, 2021

"They are always amazing and professional. Thank you for your service"