Heavy Duty Towing in Greeley, CO Can Get You Out of the Toughest Situations

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There are times when an accident occurs and a standard tow job just won’t get the job done. To get out of these difficult situations, you will likely need heavy duty towing in Greeley, CO. Here are a few instances in which you might need this heavy duty option, along with the types of equipment that might be necessary.

Underwater recoveries

Accidents can happen anywhere, and this includes on bridges that are near bodies of water. If you were to ever find yourself in a situation where your vehicle goes over a bridge or embankment and ends up in the water, you might understandably think that your car is gone forever, and that there is no feasible way to retrieve your vehicle. However, with the right kind of equipment, it is possible for a tow truck to pull your car from underneath the water. With a high rated crane system and a winch, a tow truck would have the capability of rescuing vehicles as large as a semi truck if necessary.

Industrial machinery

In the same way that a broken-down automobile can be towed, so too can other types of vehicles that malfunction. For example, if you work or live on a farm and use tractors or similar types of agricultural equipment, a tow truck can pull your machinery out of a jam and make sure that it safely arrives at the destination needed for repairs.

Using the right type of equipment

Although tow trucks can rescue any type of vehicle from these unique situations, it is more difficult than a standard tow, and the right type of equipment must be utilized to ensure that the vehicle or machinery is retrieved safely. Here are just a couple of the tools that can be used to make sure that large vehicles are towed without incurring further damage:

  • Wheel lifts: While most standard-sized four-wheel vehicles can be towed with a flatbed trailer, longer vehicles with more wheels requires specific equipment. Wheel lifts that provide a specialized undercarriage can be used so that larger vehicles are not damaged when being connected to the tow truck.
  • Air cushions: Airbag recovery is a semi-truck towing alternative that can be easier than crane towing. The durable lifting bag is pumped up using pressurized air, and can push even a fully-loaded semi upright, while the landing bag stabilizes the truck, making sure that it doesn’t tip over again.

No matter how bleak your particular situation might be, the right equipment and the right provider of heavy duty towing in Greeley, CO can get you out of just about any bind. Here at Superior Towing, we have the capabilities to tow all sorts of vehicles, including motorcycles, semi trucks, fleet vehicles and other heavy duty machinery. Offering 24/7 emergency assistance, we are here for you if you are in trouble. Please make sure you give us a call right away to get all of the help you need—we look forward to providing assistance and peace of mind!

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